Thursday, 23 October 2008

1, 2, 3...

A music festival's fine and dandy when there's brilliant bands on, but the difference between a good fest and a great fest is what you do in the down time - when all the bands are shite power metal "wank wizards" (as Barbour would call 'em), you've got to innovate and have a little campsite fun.

At Bloodstock '08 we cured the boredom with a tarpaulin of all things.

This is one of our better efforts:

This attempt wasn't quite so successful, resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a trip to the First Aid tent:

The paramedics soon appeared and politely asked us to stop as they were "running out of ambulances". Barbour suggested taxis, and we continued. This poor fella clearly wasn't a fan of his time spent mid-air:

At the top, he decided he wants off - and at the bottom, he scrambled like a half-eaten zebra escaping the jaws of a lion. Big wimp.

Last but definitely not least, gravity said "No" to this fat bastard:

Suffice to say that the next time we go camping, a tarpaulin will be up there with loo roll on the packing essentials list.

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