Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The 3 greatest things on the internet

After much internal debate, I can now reveal what I believe to be the three greatest things on the internet, not including the sort of rancid porn video that you sit a mate down to watch and then video their horrified reaction, which is obviously comedy gold in a very league of its own.

3) In 3rd place, it's Garfield Minus Garfield, the greatest comic ever. I do love Perry Bible Fellowship and think that deserves special mention, but the fact that some smart-ass has taken possibly the least funny comic of all time and turned it into something as genius as this - - deserves immense credit. Without his irritating little tit of a cat, Jon becomes the saddest, most tragic cartoon character of all time. And that's excellent.

2) 1000 Tiny Things I Hate, the only blog on the internet that's better than mine. Seriously - - different class. On discovering it, I caught up with 108 blog posts in one night. I now check it faithfully for updates. I have no idea who Jon Brown is but I really want to meet him, just to give him a good firm pat on the back.

1) The best thing on the internet, bar none. This picture:

Of course I don't expect anyone else to find it funny. I don't even know why I find it funny. But I really, seriously do. No amount of captioned lol-cats will ever make me cry with laughter the way I did when I first saw an anteater looking for a square-go.

God bless the internet.

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