Monday, 27 October 2008


I ask you, to what end has a dog ever helped an FBI investigation?

There's a great myth in Hollywood that finding out about a man's pet holds the key to his undoing. This seems like nonsense to me.

Take "The Fugitive" for example. Quoting directly here: "Find out his name, his age, his weight, his social security number... his location, relatives, pets, everything."

In various altered forms I've heard this line uttered in countless crime films and TV shows, but not once have I seen any evidence that finding out that the man in question has a black staffy called Tasha helps the hunt in any way.

It actually seems like a real waste of police resources. For instance, I'd think sitting his wife down and holding a cattle prod to her fanny would be far more likely to produce the guy's location than say checking local veterinary records and confirming that he once owned a cat that had to be put down due to complications with diabetes.

One of these days, I'd love to see a criminal undone by the home address listed on his pet's collar.

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