Saturday, 18 October 2008

T-Bone is Da illest

A thought-provoking or hilarious piece of graffiti is one of my favourite things in the world.

Scotland has a real lack of clever graffiti, instead boasting walls with "KYT Ya Bass!" and rarely-complimentary messages about the police and/or pope. There's no Bansky to be found in Ayrshire, just a fanny called Joke who "wis ere", there and everywhere.

A sharp wit and a permanent marker is really unbeatable for a good giggle:

Scotland, of course, is not without its own jokers. While neds who scrawl barely legible bollocks on bus stops outweigh the true comedians, they do exist. My favourite piece of graffiti was in the maternity ward of a Glasgow hospital, where a poster read: "THE FIRST FIVE SECONDS OF A CHILD'S LIFE ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS..." 

Underneath it, someone had scribbled: "The last five aren't so great either."

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